Curve Finance Hacked, $570k Stolen!

Apr 16, 2024
Gul Hameed
5 min
DeFi, hack analysis

On Tuesday, 9th August, Curve Finance suffered from a DNS attack causing theft of a whooping $570,000+ USD. 

Curve Finance is a stablecoin decentralized exchange (DEX) that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The attacker targeted the front end where the suspected hacker appears to have changed the domain name system (DNS) entry for the protocol, forwarding users to a fake clone website and approving a malicious contract. The program’s contract remained uncompromised, however.

The team behind the protocol noticed the issue and tweeted to warn the users about the exploit. 

curve finance tweet

A few hours after the exploit Curve again tweeted confirming both that they have found the issue and also reverted it. They also asked the user to immediately revert any contract they have approved on Curve prior. 

tweet about reverting the hack issue

Curve explained that it was most likely that the DNS server provider Iwantmyname was hijacked. On the other hand, the exploit was going on, Twitter user LefterisJP speculated that the alleged attacker had likely utilized DNS spoofing to execute the exploit on the service. 

curve finance change wallet

Other users quickly noticed and tweeted to warn the users that the alleged thief appears to have stolen more than $573,000 USD. 

Curve Finance Hack announcement

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