Arbitrum Smart Contract Audit
Our team of security specialists and dedicated Arbitrum auditors are passionate about delivering comprehensive Arbitrum smart contract audits. These audits empower your project with unparalleled security and optimized performance, propelling it to the forefront of the Arbitrum ecosystem. They leverage their extensive experience and deep understanding of Stylus and Solidity coding standards.


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Benefits Of Arbitrum Smart Contract Audit
Whether your Arbitrum dApp focuses on DeFi, DEX, NFTs, gaming, wallets, or bridges, a BlockApex Arbitrum Smart Contract Audit empowers it with unparalleled security and optimized performance.

Time & Cost Efficiency

Through upfront collaboration, we define a clear audit timeline and cost structure tailored to your project’s complexity. Our auditors work closely with your team throughout the process, providing actionable insights to strengthen your project.

Laser-Focused Solutions

Unique use cases at times attract zero day vulnerabilities beyond Automated tests. Our seasoned security engineers wield advanced techniques like fuzzing and formal verification. This translates into a comprehensive audit that uncovers even the most elusive vulnerabilities, fortifying your project’s security and providing you with a clear advantage.

Community Trust

A successful BlockApex Audit Certification demonstrates your commitment to security, building trust with investors and users. This fosters a thriving community and attracts valuable capital to your project.

Performance Optimization

Security is paramount, but efficiency matters as well. BlockApex audits optimize your code for faster transactions, lower gas fees, and a smoother user experience on the Arbitrum blockchain.
Our Methodology
The process is initiated with code freeze and gathering documentation i.e., codebase, whitepaper, etc. to give us a clear picture of your project.
Automated & dynamic Testing
We use industry-leading security tools to analyze your code for vulnerabilities across different blockchain languages.
Line-By-Line Code Review
Our security experts meticulously examine every line of your code, identifying security weaknesses and opportunities for gas optimization.
Initial Report
We provide a draft report with findings and suggestions for fixing the issues. We work with you to implement the fixes and ensure no new problems arise.
Publish Final Audit Report
Once the fixes are reviewed, we deliver the final public report, building transparency and trust with investors and users.
When do you Arbitrum Smart Contracts need the audit?


Pre-Listing Audit

Post-Update Audit

Upon identifying suspicious activity

Common Vulnerabilities in Arbitrum Smart Contracts.

Reentrancy Rampage

Integer Errors

Untrusted Calls

DoS attacks

Access Control Issues

Attackers can exploit how transactions are processed on Ethereum – which Arbitrum inherits – to manipulate your contract mid-execution.
Errors in calculations involving integers can cause unintended consequences. If calculations exceed allowed limits, unexpected results and potential exploits can occur.
Unverified calls to external contracts can introduce vulnerabilities into your dApp. Always thoroughly examine external integrations before incorporating them into your code.
DoS attacks can overload your contract, rendering it unusable. Implement preventative measures, such as gas limits and circuit breakers, to mitigate the risk of DoS attacks.
Improper access controls can allow unauthorized users to perform critical actions within your contract. Clearly define roles and permissions to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your project’s integrity.

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Smart contracts are complex pieces of code, and even minor errors can have disastrous consequences. An Arbitrum smart contract audit from BlockApex identifies vulnerabilities and potential exploits before they can be used to steal funds or disrupt your dApp. This ensures your project is secure and trustworthy, fostering user confidence and long-term success.
BlockApex goes beyond basic testing. Our experienced security engineers leverage advanced techniques like fuzzing and formal verification to uncover even the most obscure vulnerabilities. We combine this with over 5 years of expertise in Arbitrum security to deliver comprehensive audits that meet your specific project needs. Additionally, our focus on time and cost efficiency ensures a smooth and transparent audit process.
BlockApex audits are collaborative processes. We work closely with your team throughout the entire process, providing clear and actionable insights to strengthen your project. The specific steps may vary depending on your project, but generally include code review, automated testing, manual testing, and ongoing communication.
Contact BlockApex today! We offer a free consultation to discuss your project's specific needs and answer any questions you may have. Our team is dedicated to helping you build secure and successful dApps on the Arbitrum blockchain.
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