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Our elite team of ethical hackers and blockchain security experts are passionate about delivering cutting-edge Ethereum smart contract audits. We empower your project with unparalleled security and optimized performance. Through continuous collaboration within the Ethereum ecosystem, our team possesses an unrivaled understanding of the latest Solidity and Vyper coding standards.


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Benefits Of Ethereum Smart Contract Audit
Safeguard the future of your Ethereum project – DeFi, DEX, NFT, gaming, wallets, or bridges – with a BlockApex Ethereum smart contract audit. Our audits deliver unparalleled security and optimized performance, propelling your dApp to the forefront of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Time & Cost Efficiency

We work collaboratively to define a clear audit timeline and cost structure tailored to your project’s complexity. Throughout the process, our auditors provide clear and actionable insights to strengthen your dApp.

Laser-Focused Solutions

Unique use cases can introduce unforeseen vulnerabilities. Our security experts leverage advanced techniques like fuzzing and formal verification to address these challenges. Backed by over 5 years of expertise in blockchain security, our team stays at the forefront of Ethereum security best practices to ensure your project’s resilience.

Community Trust

A successful BlockApex Audit Certification is a powerful symbol of your commitment to security. This instills confidence in investors and users, fostering a thriving community around your project and attracting valuable capital.

Performance Optimization

Security is our priority, but efficiency matters too. BlockApex audits go beyond security, focusing on optimizing your code for faster transaction processing, lower gas fees, and a more streamlined user experience on the Ethereum blockchain.
Our Methodology
The process is initiated with code freeze and gathering documentation i.e., codebase, whitepaper, etc. to give us a clear picture of your project
Automated & dynamic Testing
We use industry-leading security tools to analyze your code for vulnerabilities across different blockchain languages.
Line-By-Line Code Review
Our security experts meticulously examine every line of your code, identifying security weaknesses and opportunities for gas optimization.
Initial Report
We provide a draft report with findings and suggestions for fixing the issues. We work with you to implement the fixes and ensure no new problems arise.
Publish Final Audit Report
Once the fixes are reviewed, we deliver the final public report, building transparency and trust with investors and users.
When do your Ethereum Smart Contracts need the audit ?


Pre-Listing Audit

Post-Update Audit

Upon identifying suspicious activity

Know your Bugs


Integer Errors

Untrusted Calls

DoS attacks

Access Control Issues

Attackers can exploit how Ethereum processes transactions to manipulate contracts mid-execution.
Errors in calculations involving integers can have unintended consequences. Calculations exceeding allowed limits can lead to unexpected results and potential exploits
Unverified external contract calls can introduce vulnerabilities in your dApp. These integrations should also be meticulously examined.
DoS attacks can overload your contract so preventative measures should be taken.
Improper access controls can allow unauthorized users to perform critical actions within your contract. Clearly define roles and permissions to prevent unauthorized access.

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  • An Ethereum smart contract audit enhances the security of your project by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities before deployment. 
  • The audit improves the performance of your smart contract.  
  • A successful audit by a reputable blockchain consulting firm demonstrates your unwavering commitment to security.

There are several key times to consider an Ethereum smart contract audit.  The most crucial time is pre-deployment.  An audit at this stage allows you to identify and fix vulnerabilities before launch, significantly reducing risks. Other than that pre-listing, and post-update audits are also recommended to ensure the security of new features and any code modifications. And if you suspect suspicious activity, an audit can help investigate potential vulnerabilities and address them promptly.

Our Ethereum smart contract audit process typically follows a well-defined structure. First, we begin with project familiarization. Next, we perform static analysis and automated testing to scan your code for common vulnerabilities, providing a strong foundation for further examination. Following this, our experienced auditors meticulously examine your code through a manual code review.
The cost of a BlockApex Ethereum smart contract audit depends on the complexity of your project. We believe in transparent pricing and will provide a customized proposal outlining the exact cost based on your project's needs. Simply contact us, and our team will be happy to discuss your project and provide a tailored quote.
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