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BlockApex is bringing the ecosystem, high quality blockchain security and cybersecurity services alongside expertise in tokenomics and finance with a unified bearing towards the apex of security. BlockApex aims to fortify systems built in web3 by providing scalable solutions in order to protect against exploits and loss of assets.

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Smart Contract Audit

Our comprehensive security audits for EVM/rust-based smart contracts incorporates Static Analysis Tooling, Manual/Automated Code Review, System Abstraction & Cross-Contract Analysis of the codebase to ensure the absence of any security or blockchain risks.

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Financial Risk Assessment & Tokenomics Design

We possess expertise in Financial Model Optimizations and Risk Assessment. We also help build rock-solid Tokenomics and provable Financial Models for Defi protocols from scratch as well as improving the existing security, scalability and profitability.

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Blockchain Quality Assurance

We provide extensive testing environments for Dapps that are in their development phases. Injected into the development scrums of the smart contracts, we ensure code quality, correctness and security of the application, pre-launch.

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Our in-house Cybersecurity team comprises both Offensive and Defensive Security Engineers with proficiency in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing of cross-platform applications and complex architectures regardless of it being in the web2 or web3 space.

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products we offer

Transaction Decoder

Use the transaction decoder to decrypt complex Tx data into an organised and readable format that encompasses all triggered events, function calls, token movements etc.

Audit Reports

Unipilot Staking Audit Report

Unipilot Staking is a Staking infrastructure built on Ethereum, a reliable and scalable L1 solution. The staking solution offered by Unipilot provides the stakers a way to get incentives.

Flower Fam NFT Audit Report

FlowerFam is an NFT-based project, after you mint your NFT you can “harvest” them on weekly bases to get 60% royalties. It's quite simple: every flower has a 10% chance to win. The rarer the species of a flower.

Unipilot V2 Final Audit Report

Unipilot is an automated liquidity manager designed to maximize ”in-range” intervals for capital through an optimized rebalancing mechanism of liquidity pools. Unipilot V2 also detects the volatile behavior of the pools and pulls liquidity until the pool gets stable to save the pool from impairment loss.

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