Security Case Study on Script Network

Apr 18, 2024
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script network security case study

BlockApex, a leading firm in blockchain security, was entrusted with the comprehensive audit of Script Network, an innovative layer-one protocol for decentralized video streaming. This case study details the audit processes and findings, underscoring BlockApex’s commitment to enhancing blockchain security.



Script Network is a layer 1 decentralized live TV platform and storage network. One of their core products, Script TV, is the first watch-to-earn live TV platform, built to reward users whilst they watch, provide video dStorage, and redefine video advertisement for the crypto industry. Users can earn more rewards and enhance their experience through unique GameFi elements like ScriptGLASS NFTs.


The mission at hand was to conduct a thorough audit of Script Network’s blockchain, system of smart contracts, and decentralized application (dApp), ensuring the highest security standards.

Audit Overview


The audit encompassed a detailed review of Script Network’s smart contracts, blockchain infrastructure, and dApp functionalities.


BlockApex secures Script Network through a strategic blend of manual code reviews, automated tools, and functional testing. Our team used the ‘Filtered Audit’ approach that targets critical elements with precision. This ensures Script Network’s digital landscape remains resilient, innovative, and impervious to threats.

Key Findings and Resolutions

Smart Contract Audit

  • Critical Risk Issues: Identified and resolved an incomplete voucher release mechanism.
  • High-Risk Issues: Addressed overly centralized functionalities to reduce system vulnerability.
  • Medium and Low-Risk Issues: Fixed issues related to treasury allocation and contract function events.

Blockchain Audit

  • Critical Risk Issues: Identified corrupted and undefined behavior in EVM transactions.
  • High Risk Issues: Addressed issues like potential fund theft due to misconfigured RPC and inefficient peer filtering.
  • Medium and Low Risks Issues: Solved problems such as lack of sanity checks in tx_stake_reward_distribution and unoptimized blockchain storage.

System Architecture Review

Our review revealed a well-structured architecture, combining PoS and BFT mechanisms. Script Network’s innovative use of validator nodes, guardian nodes, and edge nodes effectively balances security, efficiency, and decentralization. 


Based on our findings, we recommended several improvements:

  • Enhancing RPC security protocols.
  • Optimizing memory limits and pruning strategies.
  • Implementing efficient stake deposit checks.

Auditors Verdict: 

The comprehensive audit by BlockApex confirms Script Network’s commitment to security and technological proficiency. The identified issues were communicated, reflecting the team’s dedication to continuous improvement. Script Network’s unique architecture and innovative approach position it as a leader in decentralized video streaming, offering a secure and efficient platform for content distribution and viewer engagement.

Future Implications

The successful audit and subsequent improvements significantly bolster the security framework of Script Network. This positions the platform as a reliable and secure choice in the decentralized streaming industry, promising a sustainable and innovative future.

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