Liquidity Challenges in Illiquid Marketplaces

Illiquid Marketplaces is a common problem with various underlying factors. Information asymmetry, where one party has more knowledge than the other, makes it challenging to establish agreements and facilitate transactions. Complex market structures, with intricate trading rules or inadequate infrastructure, can hinder liquidity. Small marketplaces with fewer users naturally have less liquidity. Fragmented marketplaces, where sellers impose rigid terms, create barriers for potential buyers.

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The Dark Side of Play-to-Earn: Exploring the Negative Impact of In-Game Monetization

Play-to-earn or P2E for short, typically refers to a business model where players can earn real-world or in-game currency by playing games, completing tasks, and performing different activities. This in-game currency is usually the project’s native cryptocurrency and is used to reward users.

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Vaccify – Building a Resilient Digital Trust Ecosystem

Vaccify is an open-source COVID-19 Initiative of TrustNet. The idea behind it is to issue digital certificates to people who are vaccinated (once the vaccine is available) for COVID-19. It is a Blockchain-based digital identity eco-system for all hospitals, healthcare centers, laboratories, and testing facilities across Pakistan.

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Script TV Tokenomics Case Study

 Script NetworkTheta NetworkTotal Supply1 billion1 billionCurrent Market Cap$2.76 million$1.13 billionInitial Market Cap$919k$120 millionInitial Price$0.0094$0.15Governance Token$SCPT$THETATransaction Token$SPAY$TFUELTwitter Community200,000265,000Discord Community95,00027,000 After a fruitful beta phase that garnered over 165,000 users and achieved…

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Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Explained: A Security Perspective

The peculiarity of the enormous bids surrounding NFTs brings forward several questions about these digital assets. Is there a reason why people are willing to spend thousands of dollars worth of funds for them? What is the technology behind NFTs that ensures their originality? And most importantly, what security risks should I be aware of before I set out to purchase one? Understanding the answers to these common questions is becoming more and more essential as NFTs continue to be a valuable part of the spaces we operate in.

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SafeMoon Hack Analysis

Safemoon suffered an attack in which the SFM/BNB pool was drained, resulting in a loss of $8.9M worth of ‘locked LP’. The attack was carried out by exploiting a vulnerability in the new Safemoon contract that allowed anyone to burn SFM tokens from any address, thus inflating the price of SFM tokens in the pool.

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