We provide Enterprise Security Solutions with aims to dispense protection against breaches, intrusions and manipulations.

importance of cybersecurity

As time passes, there's an emotional shift happening in innovation and how individuals are dealing with them. Cybersecurity isn't a choice yet an unquestionable requirement to have. BlockApex gives the best uniquely designed security answers for the clients as per their business' necessities.


  • 01 - Reconnaissance

    The cybersecurity team gathers around to collect information actively by interacting with the system and passively using OSINT resources. Through that intricate knowledge of the system is gathered to use it in future phases.
  • 02 - Vulnerability Analysis & Exploitation

    Once the information is gathered, with the help of the latest testing tools and manual techniques are used to find and exploit vulnerabilities. These tests are specifically aligned and customised according to the environment and technologies and in critical cases client’s discretion.
  • 03 - Surveillance

    Findings are prioritised according to their impact on the business and the level of severity and then compiled into recommendations to help focus resources on areas to mitigate the potential loss.


Penetration Testing

Our team of bespoken ethical hackers for critical security inspection use the latest offensive security tools to find vulnerabilities in the web, mobile and decentralised ecosystems to exploit them in a controlled manner and propose countermeasures.

Cloud Security

The authorised pentesters try to find mis-configurations in the architecture of the system by mimicking the attack scenarios, distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, hackers, malware, and other risks to create a barrier of protection.


Our red team combines industry-leading research, tools and techniques to protect your firm’s network, operations, & data by simulating real world attack scenarios to ensure the security and to deliver the best.

Adaptive Security Training

To cover all the issues surrounding the cybersecurity ecosystem, BlockApex provides sessions and practical training to the people who are handling or exposed to sensitive information.

Network Security

BlockApex’s experts bring forth effective network monitoring, vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection and prevention solutions that safeguards your company's network through a holistic view so you can have a secured network.

Security Consultancy

From pinpointing the hidden attack surfaces to drafting the right action plan within the ever-adapting threat landscape, the BlockApex security team does it all. We provide a no-compromisable set of solutions while delivering executive level consultancy service.


Is my firewall enough?

Firewalls are often listed among the top methods of protecting your systems against malware attacks. But, what if the data that you receive is already infected and comes from a trustworthy sender. Most security analysts argue firewalls are not 100% effective and can become ineffective in many cases.

Why do employees need cybersecurity training?

It is crucial for the employees working in an organization to get adaptive security training by which they will get to know the techniques of the most possible data breaches that can happen to them to reduce the span of this kind of attack. It is found that 93% of all breaches investigated are traced back to a carelessly-opened email, malicious link, or other employee mishaps.

What Information is needed from the client for pen-testing?

Information needed for Web Application Pentesting:
-> Subdomains, URLs, Code Repositories, Third-party
-> If the application is already live on the internet then create a staging environment for pentesting.

Information needed for Mobile Application Pentesting:
-> If the mobile application is on android then send the .apk if it's on iOS then send .ipa.
-> Provide two .apk/.ipa files, one with SSL Pinning enabled and the other with SSL Pinning not enabled.

Am I really at risk for cyber-attacks?

If you own a mobile app/Web app or any kind of system that is connected to the internet then you are surely at risk of cyber-attacks.

How much does Pentesting/VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing) cost?

The cost of penetration testing can be realized by its system scope like the number of domains/Sub-domains, applications in scope and according to the estimated time it takes, through this, the cost can be realized.

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